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Windellama Historical Society news November 2007

Recently some of our members met the Goulburn Mulwaree Council's Museum Advisor, Roxanne Fea.
The meeting was extremely informative: Roxanne's ideas for what the Museum should collect and how we
show it were very helpful. It was suggested that we share this information with the rest of the membership
and that Roxanne should come out to Windellama one evening to speak to the Historical Society and any
of the rest of the Windellama community who would like to come, to explain her ideas for our Museum
as a community heritage centre. Roxanne suggested that we visit some of the other Museums in the
region to see how they approach the collecting and managing of their collections.

We now have handsome new display stands for our publications - books, postcards and gift cards,
thanks to Tom Bryant.

After long and involved negotiations the panels that used to display posters at the National Gallery of
Australia have now been purchased and are beginning to arrive at the Museum. These will enhance our
ability to display our collection. Thanks to Cynthia and Peter Hudson for donating them.

We have had a couple of requests lately for information from people whose families lived in the area.
Members with research skills have been attending to these enquiries.

The next open days for the Museum will be: Saturday 3 November for Windellama Small Farms Field Day
and Saturday 17 November for the Country Fair. There will be an Historical Society stall at the
Country Fair on November 17.

An enthusiastic group of members attended a work party on Friday 19 October to spruce up the garden
around the Museum and machinery shed in preparation for the Small Farms Field Day and to set up
a small display in the Museum.

At the Museum we have a selection of books about the history of the area, as well as bookmarks
and postcards with images of early Windellama - they are all reasonably priced.

The next meeting will be the
Annual General Meeting to be held at the Hall
on Saturday 1 December 2007 at 2 pm
New members are welcome

If you would like more information, please phone one of the following members:

Joanna Croker 4844 5125
Cynthia Hudson 4844 5005
Sandra Greville 4844 5047"